The Store

How On Earth

How on Earth is a one stop shop for all your local and sustainable grocery needs. We carry a full inventory of local and organic dairy products, local pasture raised eggs, Pain D’Avignon fresh baked breads, Artisan Bakeshop and Flour Girls Cookies, chemical-free cleaning products, natural body care products, a selection of frozen foods including responsibly raised meats, pantry items, and numerous other grocery products. We have many products suitable to those on special diets or with allergies. We source as much as we can from local farms and have forecasted our needs with a few farms to reduce our need order organic produce from outside the South Coast in the colder months.

Bring Your Own Bags


When shopping at How on Earth customers can feel comfortable about the products they are purchasing. We are commited to finding products free from GMOs so you can feel safe about the foods you are feeding your family. We also regularly adjust our inventory to better meet the needs of our customers. Not finding exactly what you are looking for? We will place special orders for you. Our staff is well versed in many areas of diet, nutrition and sustainability. Wondering how to cook an ingredient, if something is gluten free, why to choose organic or how you can eat more locally? Any one of our staff members will enthusiastically point you in the right direction. We encourage use of reusable shopping bags, but forget our bags too, so we gladly accept your recycled shopping bags.

Coffee Coffee

At How on Earth, we reward customers for being sustainable. Bring your own
cup/mug and receive free coffee when you purchase another item. Our brewed
coffee is always Fair Trade and Organic. We source from Speedwell Coffee, Equal Exchange and
Jim’s Organics.

What’s In The Store?


  • Organic & Local Produce
  • Artisan Cheeses
  • Pasture-rasied Meats
  • Kombucha on Draft
  • Spices, Oils & Vinegars
  • Artisan Breads
  • Frozen Foods
  • Local Milk
  • Scratch-made Prepared Meals
  • Responsible Cleaners
  • Massachusetts-made Home & Body Products
  • Gluten Free & Vegan Items

We Cater

  • Looking for an easy way to provide a delicious and sustainable meal for 2-200? Contact Mary Ann at to discuss our catering options.